Monday, August 13, 2012

Food Lists: Things I can and can't eat

Here are a few lists just to help keep myself organized and under control. Feel free to use them yourself. Or add or take away! Recommendations are welcome!
    • ice cream
    • fried foods
    • fast food
    • cookies (except at christmas)
    • chips
    • cheez its
    • chocolate
    • candy
    • sour cream
    • kid cereal
    • white bread
    • white pasta/ sushi (unless the meal is under 300 cals)
    • any soda but diet coke 
    • Any one thing over 200 calories
    • Alcohol
    • pizza (max 1 slice for a meal) 
    •  Juice
    • hot dogs (only at parties max. 1)
    • starbucks
    • condiments
    • red meat
    • eating out
    • fro yo
    • craisins
    • cheese
    • Veggies (except corn and potatoes)
    • Fruits 
    • Tea
    • Water
    • Guacamole
    • Hummus
    • Black Beans
    • almonds 
    • tofu
    • Greek yoghurt
    •  soy milk
I think that is it for now... Hopefully that will last me a while. xoxo
stay strong!


  1. Hey, just wanted to say that I love you and I'm definitely doing all this :-) stay strong! Please check out my blog thanks :-)

    1. Hey! Thanks so much. Whenever I know someone actually follows and reads my stuff it makes me want to do better. <3 Just saw the running plan you are doing. Think I will start week one this week too! I know I am late, but hey, I will just have to work that much harder. Congrats on doing well your first day!
      Stay Strong!