Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Didn't do as well as I wanted...

So I guess I really should just take it day by day, meal by meal. I ended up eating more than I wanted the past two days... About a 1000 cals each day. But the good news is... I weighed myself and I lost 3 lbs! I am so happy about it! I also went on a long walk today with the dog. I didn't do my crunches, but that is because my room is full of boxes still from moving. They will be gone tomorrow. I am going to finish unpacking everything. We have a weight room at my house, so I will work out in there tomorrow and lift weights for a bit. Then go for either a long walk or a short jog.

Heard a beautiful song today. I will link it. It is Ingrid Michaelson covering creep by Radio Head

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Anyway here is my plan for tomorrow
  •  Breakfast:
    • Lucerne Greek yoghurt  140
    • Diet Coke                         0
  • Lunch:
    • Water
    • Tea
    • Cous Cous  with butter  135
  • Dinner
    • Not sure what we are having but I will make sure to stay 300 or less. 
TOTAL: 575
So my goal is to stay under 600 and also get in a walk and weights.  Shouldn't be too hard.

Now what you have been waiting for, THINSPO! :)

xoxo stay strong <3

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  1. I think I have the same problem you do. I can gain weight so easily (5 pounds in two days) but it’s so hard to lose (two weeks later and I’ve only lost 3 of the five pounds)