Friday, March 28, 2014

Another Dance Thinspo

So despite posting it over a year ago, ballet thinspo, is still my top viewed page. Figured I would post another one.
All of the girls in my ballet class are so much skinnier than me. It drives me crazy. I've only been dancing for a few months, so I know it is unreasonable for me to expect to be as flexible as them. Some of them should be on pointe though. Seriously was to good to be in my beginner level. Either that or I am just that bad lol. Anywho, hope everyone is safe and well! Spring is finally upon us! Unless you live in the southern hemisphere, then Fall is here. Which is just as beautiful. Let me know if you have any requests and I'll do my best to post them.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Diet and crack down time!

So here is my plan to lose 15 pounds by May 5th (or in about a month). According to MFP I can totally do it!

4 Days a week - cardio!!!! (bleh, i hate cardio :( it makes me feel like death)
2 days a week - tone up them buns hun! and arms, and legs, and any other wobbly bit....
1 day a week - rest up, even olympic athletes have a rest day, and they are waaaaaay more fit than me....

8 cups of water a day. Stay under 500 cals a day.

 If I follow through on all this, I should be good to go. My first and foremost goal is to lose 10 pounds by easter on the 20th. I move on the 21st and want to look and feel amazing! Then another 5 by May 5th. Why this exact day you may ask, well my friend C picked the day and I had no objections so together we are working on a 15 pound loss. It's weird to think that a month from now, 30 pounds (15 between each of us) will have disappeared from the planet...  Think of the weight or mass this planet gains or loses on a daily basis... Or maybe I'm just over thinking lol.

Anywho, rough day at work today... people can be so bitchy... Sometimes I wonder why I haven't murdered one of my customers yet haha. They are so rude, and all because they think since they have money they can do whatever they want. Bitch, I ain't your servant. My biggest pet peeve is when someone makes me follow them around our boutique asking how much is this, how much is that.... Are you fucking blind? There is a price tag on everything in this fucking store.... Gawd. Ok, rant over. Ha. Anyways, for those who don't follow me on MFP, friend me: wannabeitgrl
Or feel free to kik me (same username). I don't get on kik that much, since I don't really have anyone to talk to one there. I mostly use MFP. I'll be trying to post my daily calorie intake and exercise on here, but like I said, MFP is where you can for sure see everything I eat and drink and if I workout etc...

Ok so, I know what you want, thinspo! Here are some more pics I found floating around tumblr that I really enjoyed :) Hope you do too.


Some more thinspo :)

Just a few pics I liked on tumblr. Super bored at work today.