Saturday, March 8, 2014

That Dreaded C Word


That dreaded C word... I hate cardio. Even growing up playing sports all year round, I hated it. I only remember ever enjoying it for about a year when I was at my lowest weight and I could jog 2-3 miles comfortably. Running is a great stress reliever and a great way to burn off those extra calories. But if you don't have the mental capacity to push yourself, don't even bother starting. When I went to the gym yesterday, a girl got on the elliptical next to me, she was probably 18/19, had long blonde hair pulled up in a high pony with a sky blue headband, and was roughly a size 2/4. She was beautiful. I thought for sure she would blow me away on the thing. I'm about 10 min in at this point and already feel like giving up. After an 8 hour work day and my feet swollen and throbbing I had had enough. But at 20 min, she gets off and saunters away without even breaking a sweat. WTF! Why do you get to be so skinny and pretty and not even break a sweat, while I am over here dying? I stuck to my 30 minute goal, but only because there was some really interesting local news about how are water supply is "soooooo" much safer after all the rain we have gotten. Plus a few basketball games were on. But good lord I thought for sure I was going to quit. I have two different points to this story, the first being, set yourself a goal before each workout. A realistic one that is slightly above your norm. Then go for it! My second is, don't be like the pretty girl in the high pony and only do 10 min of cardio. Cardio is meant to be bump up your heartbeat and make you sweat. You should be breathing hard and should know where your Heart Rate needs to be for your age. I always just go off what the machine tells me. I guess what I am trying to say, is a good workout isn't easy. If you workout hard now, you can take the de-stress 2 mile jog later, after you have build up some endurance. 

Ok, rant over. Going to the park now to do some fast walking/jogging. I am starting out slow, but hoping to run in the color run when I go home to visit family this summer! It looks like so much fun, and I want to be able to at least jog the whole 5K. If you haven't heard of the color run, I suggest checking it out :) Hope you all are well. Stay Strong.

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