Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quick Poems

I published these on my other blog a while ago, but I feel like they belong to this one more. I wrote them a few years ago, but they still speaks to me :) Hope you enjoy them as well.

Thin Drugs:

heavy chests
outta control
sleepless nights
she's on a roll
rivers of tears
shaking fingers
counting calories
as the guilt lingers
an average girl
an average waist
would purge from
even a single taste
this average girl
starving for perfection
cries at night
when she sees her reflection
all hope is lost
replaced by mutilation
it's like a drug
this beautiful thinspiration


so full
so tired
so angry
so torn
between her desires
wants to purge
wants to cut
wants to starve
wants to please everyone else
which one will she choose
ate some food
ate some more
ate her heart out
ate every last bite
now she wants to purge
can't purge
can't cut
can't starve
can't please herself when she tries to please them
what will she do?
purges the food
                 to make herself feel light
cuts deeper than ever
                 to dull the pain at night
starves herself
                 from then on
pleases herself and everyone else
                 by hiding what's really going on

1 comment:

  1. I really like these poems. They are so lyrical, and the last one describes me minus the cutting.