Thursday, January 5, 2012

In sickness and health...

So I have been sick with a horrible stomach flu for the past three days and have only been to keep down smoothies and a bit of toast. Which when I think about it, as miserable as it was to be sick, I am grateful for the natural detox it gave my body. I no longer crave ice cream like mad, or choc., or fried food, in fact the thought of it all makes me a bit queazy still. I stepped on the scale and almost had a heart attack. I didn't weigh myself when I arrived home from the holidays, big mistake. Even after being sick, I still gained about 5 lbs. I have such a long way to go... But its better to start now. A year from now, I will wish I had.
I also started class today. My english prof is younger than most profs I've had. She is very outspoken and a bit too loud for me. I have two more classes to start next week. World Civ, and Psych. Looking forward to psych, not really world civ... I love traveling, and I love learning about different cultures but I hate memorizing all those new facts.

Computer won't let my upload pics today... I'll be sure to upload pics as well as a vid next time!

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