Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eating Out...

So here is a little advice for eating out with friends.
1. Plan on getting a to go box.
2. Order what you want, whatever you want. Now would be a bad time to deny yourself that ice cream you have been craving, especially if everyone else is getting some. It would look suspicious.
3. Just make sure that whatever you do order, you only eat half or less of it. Then you can pick at it over the next few days. (I used to eat only in front of other people, my parents for example. Now I eat only when I am really hungry. Being in college gives you a ton more freedom!)
4. Skip the soda... My favorite thing to do is order water with lemon and put sweet and low in it... Voila! Lemonade that tastes good and is free!
5. Go easy on the dipping sauce. I am a sucker for a good bbq sauce... But still those dipping sauces add calories quicker than you can say quidditch... (Harry Potter referance lol)
6. Talk and have fun! Talking will prevent you from shoving your face with food, and laughing will burn off cals as you eat... Win/Win!
7. For those who prefer to eat everything and purge (my mia followers) wait till you get home. Doing it in the restaurant is gross and uncomfortable.

These are just a few tips for you. Hope they help.


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