Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Year, Old Me, New Look

Hey everyone!
So I am starting a weight loss challenge that will last through the year. However I am taking it month by month because a year seems like an eternity without my pint of ben and jerry's in the freezer at my beck and call. I have to be honest with myself and everyone else about how out of control my weight really is now. There is no particular diet. It is a do what works for you, lifestyle change. I am adding my school work in as well, just so I can keep track of everything.
Here are my guidelines for January:

1200 Calories/day
2-3 hours of cardio/week
2-3 hours of weight lifting/week
1 can diet coke/day
64+oz. H2O/day
Learn one new recipe (under 400cals)/week
6-7 hours of studying/week
Make 2 thinspos/month
Blog 5+ times/week

January Goals:
Time my mile
Learn four new recipes
Bench 90lbs 12 reps
Don't miss a single class
Start a thinspo journal

Here are a few thinpos to get me started!!!

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