Sunday, March 2, 2014

Where Have all the Good Times Gone?

Hey everyone! So I know, I suck. And it has been forever. I'm sorry. I already know I failed so for all of you who keep youtube messaging me I apologize and here is my anecdote... Some new winter thinspo for you! I have been out of it for a while...*cough*months*cough*.... But this past week I started cracking down again and have lost 10 pounds. You can follow me on My Fitness Pal: wannabeitgrl or on youtube: wannabeitgrl
I will be uploading a video today and will try to upload at least once or twice a month. Plus I am constantly liking great videos that you can check out as well. I hope everyone is doing well and is staying warm this winter. I heard my midwest and and northwest friends are having a bit of a rough winter. Just think, soon enough it will be summer and we can show off all of our hard work! Stay Strong and message me or email me at if you want to talk/have questions.

So, where have all the good times gone? They disappeared in the past. Have you seen that movie "Sharing the Secret" its a very triggering movie for me. There is a part in the movie where the man girl is talking with her friend and they are sharing their biggest fears. The main girl says her biggest fear is becoming different in some way. Adults for example used to be young and think they will never be like adults, that they will never be a certain way or act a certain way, but then they grow up and change and they are that way. It's like they forgot everything they said when they were younger. I share this fear with her. As every year flies by, I grow more and more scared of how I am changing and if the person I am becoming is someone my younger self would've approved of. I can say with certainty that I don't think my younger self would much like me. My younger self wanted very little:

  • To be thin
  • To go to an amazing college 
  • Go to college parties 
  • Have an amazing cute boyfriend
  • Graduate with honors
  • Snag a great job
  • Love my family
  • Have at least 2 or 3 friends who I could share anything with
  • Play Soccer and Volleyball
  • Go to yoga and ballet classes
None of this has happened. I do love my family, but I don't see them nearly enough since the closest people I live near are two hours away or more.

I catch myself thinking all the time things were so much simpler when I was younger. I never thought that I would miss high school, or junior high. Boy was I wrong. Those were the good times. And now they are gone.


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  1. Love the thinspo, it is exactly what I need. And I know what you mean about the dreams as a young person. You know, it's funny because I have also wanted someone (only 1 ) person I could tell anything and they won't judge me.